Tattoo Appointment Information

COVID Pre Appointment Info

We are so happy to back and able to take some appointments. We take your health very seriously! The doors will remain locked as we are by appointment only

In compliance w/ new health & safety regulations :

  • Please Arrive alone & wait in your car
  • leave any unnecessary items at home or in your car,
  • call or text when your outside

Once inside: 

  • you will be walked through the sanitation process by your artist (mandatory 30 second handwashing & Facemask) Gloves are available at the door also if desired. Leaving your artists room requires you to wear a mask.

Just as before we are a private studio & during covid the doors will remain locked to ensure social distancing. 1 artist, 1 client per room no more than 6 people in the building at once.

  • Please arrive at your appointment alone.
  • Text your artist once you arrive & please wait in you car. We have ample parking lot in our lot in the back & on the street. your artist will let you in. Ideally Permanent Makeup clients enter through the front door. Tattoo clients through the back.
  • Do not bring in any unnecessary items. Extra clothing, large purses, phones unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you or anyone in your household has been sick, sick household members or has any symptoms of anything please stay home.
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment or one will be provided for you. Both Artist & Client are required to wear a mask.
  • Hand washing and sanitizer will be required upon entry .

Please fill out the form below and bring them to your appointment to save time. 

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

If you have any questions about your tattoo or the healing process, please call or email.

Please do:

  • Always wash your hands BEFORE touching your tattoo.
  • When you get home: Remove bandage within 2.3 hours after getting your tattoo. Do not re-bandage.
  • Wash your tattoo with an anti-bacterial liquid soap 2-3 times a day. Be gentle, do not use a washcloth or anything that will exfoliate your tattoo. Only use your hands.
  • Gently pat dry your tattoo with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not scrub, or use a fabric with a rough surface.
  • Optional – spray with bactine to reduce pain and risk of secondary infection.
  • Run a small amount of Aquaphore ointment on your tattoo. Always use CLEAN HANDS and do not place your fingers back into the ointment after touching your tattoo. Make sure to run the ointment in so that it is not shiny, or greasy – you want the thinnest amount possible. Pas off any excess ointment with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Wear clean, soft clothing over your tattoo for the first 2 weeks – nothing abrasive or irritating.
  • For foot tattoo: go barefoot as much as possible. If you must wear shoes, first wrap your clean tattoo in saran wrap, then cover with a clean cotton sock before putting on your show. Avoid flip flops or sandals for this period to prevent chafing and damage to the tattoo.
  • On the 3rd or 4th day your tattoo will begin to peel. This is normal! Do not pick at the skin. Begin using a mild, white, unscented lotion, free of dyes or perfumes.
  • Use aftercare for 2 weeks, 2-3 times daily.

Things to AVOID:

  • Do not pick, scratch, peek, slap, rub or irritate your tattoo.
  • You can shower, but you may not soak your tattoo for 2 weeks. No swimming, soaking or hot tub.
  • You may bot expose your tattoo to the sun for at least 3 weeks, after that you must use sun block.
  • Do not wear abrasive materials, jewelry, or shoes that rub against your tattoo.
  • Do not let anyone touch your tattoo, unless they wash their hands.
    beware of gym equipment, wash it well before using it.

You can also:

  • Ice your tattoo to reduce swelling
  • Elevate your tattoo, to reduce swelling.
  • Take short showers.

If you do not take care of your tattoo, it may become infected or damaged. Infections are very red around the outside of the tattoo and may have thin red lines extending from it. It may ooze, pus, or bleed abnormally. If you think your tattoo is infected, seek medical attention immediately. If you have any questions about your tattoo or the healing process, please call or email.

Please fill out the forms below and bring them to your appointment to save time. 

Artists Contact Info

Paige: 307-751-2377