Pre-Appointment Information

We are so happy to back and able to take some appointments. We take your health very seriously!

We stay current & compliant w/ new health & safety regulations which has added extra time to our appointments:


Please Arrive alone or with one support person if needed & please wait in your car. In Sheridan and Gillette there is plenty of parking outside. And we will be awaiting your call at your appointment time.

Leave any unnecessary items at home or in your car,



Even though most regulations have been lifted we have several at risk clients ~ cancer survivors, autoimmune disorders etc We like to keep a very clean controlled environment. If you are one of these clients please let us know so we have been trained & can take extra measures to make sure you are protected.

If you have been sick, traveled outside of Wyoming, Montana or been exposed within 14 days please let us know in advance. If you or anyone in your household has been sick, sick household members or has any symptoms of anything please stay home.

Masks, Gloves, Han sanitizer will still available at both the doors also if desired but not required. Your artist will happily wear a mask at your request.

Just as before we are a private studio for our clients privacy as well as now for their physical health.


Text your artist once you arrive & please wait in you car. We have ample parking lot in our lot in the back & on the street. Paige leaves the back door open when she is at the studio, unless the client requests otherwise but will be waiting for your text or call when you arrive. If the door is open your welcome to come in and have a seat in the waiting room. We have drinks etc for your comfort.

Due to extra cleaning required please let us know if you are on a time constraint so we can plan accordingly. Paige has always been work at her own pace type of person. But to accommodate & respect other people’s schedule & personalities, it’s good to be aware. This may take a moment to set up. Everything from pens & clip boards to regular furniture will be cleaned in addition to the traditional strict sanitation process between clients.

Your intake forms & aftercare will be provided for you ~ they are basically the same but customized to your treatment.

Forever Flawless PRIVATE ART STUDIO Guest Pre Appointment

Price includes REQUIRED touch up between 45 and 90 day touch up in SHERIDAN ONLY. Out of town location clients are asked to pay a set up fee / touch up fee due to the increase of cost in of PPE & disposable medical quality everything & top of the line products.

*Out of town or convention follow up appointments are not guaranteed back in that city, and may require an additional cost which will be agreed-upon clearly at the first appointment and will be based on the local market. All of this will be established upfront in writing in the spirit of transparency. And are always as generous as possible.

It also qualifies you for our loyal customer program, discounts on future services & maintenance FOR LIFE as long as you come back to Paige & Forever Flawless.

Depending on the procedure you get and what kind of pigments you choose will determine what kind of ongoing maintenance you need. Permanent cosmetics typically last 1-10 years. All work is guaranteed 90 days after the required touchup. Multiple procedures are also discounted.


No tanning between now and your appointment. No anti-aging, retinol, lightening  or acne skin care, chemical exfoliants, SPIRONOLACTONE, within an inch ABOVE brows for 30 days prior – no waxing or tweezing so we can see where your real brows are, and how they shape naturally. ANYTHING THAT CHANGES YOUR NATURAL PIGMENTATION WILL EFFECT YOUR MICROPIGMENTATION. Tips & tricks will be given to suit your lifestyle  to help push out your Maintenance appointments.

No lash serums in the last 6 months. Such as Latisse, Rodan and Fields Lash boost etc. NO EXCEPTIONS – even after 6 months the lash area can still be sensitive  & Prescription Blood Thinners are not a deal breaker but a different pigment needs to be used. So please tell us in advance.

Any history of old sores etc. will REQUIRE YOU to contact physician for anti-viral prescription in advance. Not everyone is a candidate for lip procedures, hyperpigmentation can happen on any lip client without warning. So because of this, those with darker skin tones are not a candidate for any lip procedure. In Sheridan we also have the option of a dental block for numbing vs a strong topical for the lips at an additional cost. Discount will be given to clients who opt for a dental block.


No pregnancy or breastfeeding. Please don’t show up sunburnt or out if a tanning bed. Severe Autoimmune such as lupus, and those on blood thinners or Spirilactone may not be candidates for certain procedures and may require a Drs consent. If you are insulin dependent you will need to contact your physician for a medical release, and possible antibiotics due to possible slow healing issues. History of Keloids, Chemo Therapy or Radiation may not be deal breakers but also may not be candidates for permanent cosmetics depending on severity. Some conditions may require a note from your physician, and a skin patch test 6 months after last treatment. NO ALCOHOL 24 hours prior or following your appointment.


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit Per procedure to secure your spot and it is credited towards your appointment. We can not secure your appointments with our a despot. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Deposits can be done in anyway other than checks. It can be paid by Several Apps, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Email or Text Invoice  Credit Card via secure invoice or by phone. Or online on :

Venmo: @foreverflawlessllc

Paige Pozos

All appointments are first come first serve! We do have a 72 hour cancelation policy to reschedule your appointment unless it’s a documented emergency.

I am a very experienced technician and educator. But I am definitely not permanent makeup Barbie. I execute all kinds of styles customized to your taste / Style and specialize in corrections & removal. But If I am not the choice for you please make a good one ~ it is your face. For more information, and research on permanent cosmetic techniques & what to look for in an ethical artist. Here are a few articles you can find online…..Look at fresh & healed work with pictures of the entire face, education(a 3 day class is not enough), and photoshop!


Feel Free to text or call 10am-10pm Tuesday through Saturday, and I will get back to you within 24 hours during the Forever Flawless Business week.

Paige Pozos – 307-751-2377

Please fill out the forms below and bring them to your appointment to save time. 

Artists Contact Info

Paige: 307-751-2377

    Did you read the Pre-Appointment instructions?

    Are you on a strict timeline?

    What days and times in general work best for you?


    What procedure are you interested in?

    Do you tan your face?

    What skin care do you use on your skin on or near your procedure site?

    What is your desired result?

    What city are you located in?