Pricing includes required touch up between 45 and 90 days after your first appointment. It also qualifies you for our loyal customer program, discounts on future services & maintence FOR LIFE as long as you come back to us. so Depending on the procedure you get and what kind of pigments you choose will determine what kind of ongoing maintenance you need. Permanent cosmetics typically last 1-10 years. All work is guaranteed 90 days after the free touch up. Multiple procedures are also discounted.


Brows: No tanning between now and your appointment. No anti-aging, retinol, lightening or acne skin care, chemical expholiants within an inch ABOVE brows for 30 days prior – no waxing or tweezing so we can see where your real brows are, and how they shape naturally.

Liner: No lash serums in the last 6 months. Such as Latisse, Rodan and Fields Lash boost etc etc NO EXCEPTIONS & Perscription Blood Thinners

Lips: Any history of old sores etc. will REQUIRE YOU to contact physician for anti-viral prescription in advance. Not everyone is a candidate for lip procedures, hyperpigmentation can happen on any lip client without warning. So because of this, those with darker skin tones are not a candidate for any lip procedure. In sheridan we also have the option of a dental block for numbing vs a strong topical for the lips at an additional cost. Discount will be given to clients who opt for a dental block.

General Complications: No pregnancy or breastfeeding. Please don’t show up sunburnt. Autoimmune such as lupus, and those on blood thinners are absolutely not candidates for permanent cosmetics. If you are insulin dependent you will need to contact your physician for a medical release, and possible antibiotics due to possible healing issues. History of Keloids, Chemo Therapy within the last year are not candidates for permanent cosmetics. Those who have had Radiation can undergo permanent cosmetics with a note from your physician, and a skin patch test 6 months after last treatment. NO ALCOHOL 24 hours prior or following your appointment.

DEPOSITS: There is a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot and it is credited towards your appointment. It can be paid by Cash or Credit Card in person or by phone. Or online on :
Venmo or an Invoice Can Be Emailed Via Square so you can pay with a credit card as well.

All appointments are first come first serve! We do have. 72 hour cancelation policy to reschedule your appointment unless it’s a documented emergency.

For more information, and research on permanent cosmetic techniques here are a few articles you can find online.